Capacity Recovery Bulletin From Shanghai Yongming Electronic

Recently, along with the COVID-19 epidemic gradually improved in China, good news have come from all over the country, all industries have entered a tense and orderly resumption of work stage. 


At present, all department staffs of Shanghai Yongming Electronics Co., Ltd. have all arrived at the post and production has been back to normal. Since the resumption of work, we have also received orders from customer which are in an orderly production process. Company production capacity has been 100% restored til 26th February.


Capacity recovery is as follows: 

                                          Production nameCapacity on 26 FebruaryEnd of February

Liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors(Radial Lead Type, SMD Type, Screw Terminal type, Snap-in Type)

100%Incremental preparation
Conductive polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors(Radial Lead Type、SMD Type)100%Incremental preparation
MLPC100%Incremental preparation
Super Capacitor100%Incremental preparation


Thank you for doing your best in this difficult time and making Yongming Electronics quickly resume work in a few days. Let us overcome the difficulties together and achieve the new goal in 2020.

Created date: 2020 04 24